quarta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2008

O post que era para ter escrito ontem

What do I have to do to get back in the game?
I’m providing the box already…
And today I did something about it.
Kind of a try.
And I got an answer.
But did you really hear it?
(Did you hear me, screaming inside on the other side of the phone?)
Did I keep you thinking?
I hope so.
God, I miss you so much…
I feel you more and more apart every single day that goes by.
Will you be back? And stay, please…

(Since you won't read my blog there's no problem in being specific, right?)

(e dizem vocês: "Põe mais etiquetas na merda do post, põe...!")

2 comentários:

Vivianne in Berlin disse...

Mais etiquetas, não... mas que tal uns macarrons bem doces de morango ou chocolate. E claro, macios. ;)
ps-remember: 'wait living' I think your managing to do that. Luv u*

Maria Inês disse...

Supostamente vou comer macarrons no dia 8... espero já estar óptima da boca!!! ;)

Yeah, "wait living"... you know i'm doing just that, but if you mean the part i think you mean then i don't know if i can call it "living"... oh well, like someone once said "the best is yet to come"...