segunda-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2008

Perdido por cem...

My Chemical Romance - All I want for Christmas is you (best cover of this song ever!)

Why can’t everything be just plane and simple?
Why does it have to be so complicated?
I’m done with it. I’m so sick and tired.
I need stability. Peace of mind.
Involved in a total roll of emotions, of love, laughing, living…
But simple.
Everyone just saying what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling.
No more of that kind of games…

I prefer to laugh when you hit me then when you tickle me.
I may be weird.
I may be crazy.
I may be difficult to figure out.
But in the end I’m the simplest kind of girl you could find.
I’m the kind of girl that falls in love easily, but has big troubles when “contrarywise” is needed.
I like running around sprinklers on hot days.
I like to play Lego and make puzzles.
I like riddles.
I like when you make me laugh.
I like a cup of tea when sitting near the fireplace watching some silly movie.
I like to make soap bubbles.
I like to watch the stars.
I like dresses and photos and filming.
I like old stuff and sushi and butterflies.
I crave to be happy, more than anything in the whole world and…

(Should I activate "tira-daí-o-sentido mode" now??)

2 comentários:

Sérgio disse...

Bom Natal!
Boa cover, não conhecia, mas quem me conhece sabe que eu é mais... (Apesar de não ter nada a ver, LOL)

Maria Inês disse...

Obrigada e igualmente!!