terça-feira, 2 de março de 2010

My favourite inspiration blogs

<3 a beautiful mess
<3 blue bird vintage
<3 heather bailey
<3 making chiken salad
<3 nellie loves vintage
<3 rachie's place
<3 run with sissors
<3 skunk boy creatures
<3 smile and wave
<3 style crush
<3 from scratch
<3 red velvet girls
<3 violet bella
<3 create loves
<3 polka dot robot

p.s. don't understand why the underline in "green frog studio" won't desapear...

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Spirit disse...

Try this one:

One of the most inspiring blog ever! ;)


Spirit disse...

And this:

Maria Inês disse...

Podes comentar em português... ;p
Great blogs! Thank you!
I knew Oh Joy from Flickr but didn't have the blog link...
Thanks! ^^

kiss kiss*