segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010

Pára tudo!

(Stop everything!!)

Did I just ask for this?

Oh yes I did, and guess what?
Just got a call from Marionnaud (the perfumery) and they said the 505 Chanel nail polish has already arrived!!!
God, something to make me happy today...
Kinda needed it.

Do you think if I ask for like 5.000€ (it's not that much...) on one of this I'll get any luck?!

4 comentários:

Pecansis disse...

I don't know but it's always worth to try. kisses

Maria Inês disse...

yeah, but i haven't been having much luck with that... lol


Lily disse...

Ohhh! I so love 505 tooo! I envy yooou

Maria Inês disse...


and I thought I wouldn't get it! They told me it was sold out, I was like looking everywhere for a colour that was similar, but that's impossible! 505 is unique!

Been though your blog. Cut!
Love that owl!! ;)