quarta-feira, 7 de abril de 2010

Follow your heart

I do love this quote,
but should we keep on sticking to it when following our heart may hurt others?

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s disse...

Sometimes we just have to stop for a minute. Think with our heart. How can we hurt someone by following our dreams, and above all, our purpose in this ephemeral life?
Sometimes we just have to. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a little chance.

Best of luck! ;)

Maria Inês disse...

Thank you S.
I'll never ever stop dreaming!

Like I said, I would die if I didn't and that doesn't mean I would kill myself, it just means that the day I stop being myself, and dreaming, creating, and trying, I'll die. At least inside...

Thanks again!


Croquete disse...

did u know?
kate nash is back! *_*


Maria Inês disse...

Didn't know... have been so away... God...
Thaks Croquete, I'll see it now and hear it at home (so sound here at work... bah!)

And if there's any ortographic errors do not notice please, medications is making me dislexic!