terça-feira, 4 de maio de 2010

Quick Question <3


What do you say when your boyfriend calls you in a hurry and just asks "Do you want a cat?"
You go like "Hum..." thinking "yes", but like "give me just a little more to think..."
"Yes" you say.
"Ok, see you then.@"
"Wait! (another question I had...)"

We just "had" a dog... he already has a cat... and I think I want to arrive (at the new) home, and have a cat waiting... ^^
Oh God, when we go live together we're gonna have a zoo! lol
And I hope my cat won't eat my fish...

(oh, and don't forget about the tamagoshi...lol)

(I told you my boyfriend was sweet...)
(But he's mine!!!)

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Pecansis disse...

My boyfriend just gave me a tiny hamster for our anniversary.