sábado, 4 de junho de 2011

Good news vs. Bad news

Today I got very good news and very bad news.
The "only difference" is that the good news aren't directly related
to me, and the bad ones are.
Anyways, I'd rather focus on the good ones because I'm really so
very happy for someone!!
Really, I'm so so so very happy for you honey! ^^
It kinda doesn't matter that I'm gonna have to pay 3.000€ for my IRS...
(f*cking country we live in...really starting to hate it...)

2 comentários:

SP disse...

As "good news" sou eu, não sou?
Hope to make it official real soon :)
Isso do IRS sucks!!

Maria Inês disse...

Claro que és!
São vocês... ^^
Mm feliz mummy!!
(f*ck IRS...)

luv u!*